UBE: Making me a better internship candidate

Emily Davis Chalk (UNC '16)

Emily Davis Chalk (UNC ’16)

In the past semester, I have already seen several ways that completing the UNC Business Essentials online certificate program has made an impact.

The short lesson on how to properly send business e-mails – that I will admit I first thought was silly – has helped me tremendously. I have always hesitated when sending e-mails to anyone other than close peers; there is always the second-guessing of what format to use and how exactly to present the information. When recently e-mailing potential employers for internships, I felt much more confident in the content and structure of my e-mail to them. This was just the first instance where I realized the impact of the UNC Business Essentials program had on me.

Because I am now in the middle of my Junior year, the pressure is on to find the perfect internship for this summer. I am still looking at many options for what I am interested in, so I cast my net fairly wide when searching for potential internships. This often means directly contacting companies to ask questions about their positions available. Not only do I feel more confident in corresponding with potential employers, I also feel more assured applying for positions that may seem like a bit more of a stretch for an economics and public policy major.

I am confident that having the knowledge from UNC Business Essentials in addition to all that I have learned thus far at UNC makes me a flexible and adaptable candidate for many different areas. Having the Business Essentials certificate from UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School on my resume will show employers that I am doing my best to be as prepared as possible for a job in the corporate sphere. I am looking forward to seeing more ways that this program will continue to impact my internship and potential job search!

By Emily Chalk (UNC ’16)

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