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Amanda McClung (UNC '15)

Amanda McClung (UNC ’15)

Our generation knows all too well how competitive the job market can be. With everyone striving to be the best they can be during their college years, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

Finding a way to stand out among your peers can be difficult, but it can also make you a memorable candidate in an endless stack of resumes on a potential employer’s desk. Having something extra can be a great addition to your resume but as a non-business major, having something extra that is in a field like business can really make a difference.

Being a science major, my schedule is always packed with science classes. I had no experience with business and no time to take a class so unrelated to my major, never mind taking enough classes to get a well-rounded business education. Along with having multiple in-depth topics that ranged from business management to accounting, the online business certificate program let me begin the program whenever I wanted and work on my own schedule to complete it. I had the ability to take my time and really learn the material instead of just memorizing it for long enough to pass a class.

While searching for a job, the business certificate has opened up opportunities for me that I would not have qualified for with only my science major. As anyone who has searched for a job knows, experience is key, and experience in multiple fields shows a lot about your character. The ability to speak to a potential employer in an interview about marketing, economics, and management not only shows that you are intelligent but also that you are willing to learn new things and adapt to new environments.

Because of my business certificate, I can now say in an interview that my goal is to move into a management position, and I have a resume that shows that I have the knowledge to do it. ​

By Amanda McClung (UNC ’15)

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