UBE: Opening doors

Mackenzie Dolan

Mackenzie Dolan

With hands clasped tightly together in my lap and a bead of sweat dripping down my forehead, I patiently sat in front of the dean of the pharmacy school, awaiting the next question. I was at my third pharmacy school interview and I was still a nervous wreck. I had practiced and practiced for my interviews, hoping to be able to anticipate the questions. All of the questions were very different and could be answered in multiple ways depending on one’s opinion and view. However, there was one question in particular that I knew I could always give an answer to – and a good answer.

In every one of my interviews, I was asked about my UNC Business Essentials online business certificate that was plastered on the top of my resume. To the interviewers, the certificate was something new; something other than the required science courses, expected hospital volunteer hours or impressive research studies that all of the other candidates possessed.

As I explained about the program, the Dean could see how passionate I was about UBE and how much knowledge I had gained from completing the courses. I was able to relate many of my past endeavors and accomplishments to the program. In addition, after completing UNC Business Essentials, not only did I gain a better understanding about business, but I discovered the direction I hope to pursue in my future career. Foremost, I want to be a successful leader as a pharmacist. Now, after completing the program, I possibly want to direct my concentration to the business side of the pharmaceutical field. Even if I choose not to go the business route in pharmacy, the Dean could see that I had a vision, and I had opportunities that would be open to me based on my background with the business program.

By Mackenzie Dolan

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