UBE: Outside my comfort zone

Alex Puszczynski

Alex Puszczynski

UNC Business Essentials was a great opportunity for me to go outside of my educational comfort zone and teach myself enriching skills that will help me in the future. Over the course of 4 months, I was able to complete UNC Business Essentials and learn several key skills that I took away with me after the program was finished. One important skill I learned from the business communications section in UBE was resume building and proper business etiquette.

When searching for jobs and internships this past semester, I used the skills that UBE taught me to know how to properly contact an employer, perfect my resume, send business professional emails and more.

This semester, I applied for an internship with a non-profit organization. The application process was relatively informal, so it was my responsibility to sound as professional as possible when sending in my resume and cover letter to the employer. Before completing UBE, I wouldn’t have known what to send to the employer or if my email sounded professional enough. Since I was able to use the skills I learned in the business communications section, not only was I able to craft an email for myself to professionally incorporate the skills I have with the non-profit’s missions and goals, but I was also able to confidently write a cover letter. The skills I obtained from this whole program, but specifically from the business communications section, helped me get the internship for this spring semester. I will continue to use all the skills I have learned from UBE to my advantage.

By Alex Puszczynski

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