UBE: Overseas and at home

Emily Davis Chalk (UNC '16)

Emily Davis Chalk (UNC ’16)

I felt extremely accomplished after submitting my final quiz of the UNC Business Essentials program. I have been on a journey with this program for a few months.

I started the program while I was studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. My classes at the University of Sydney were not too involved at the time that I started Business Essentials. I set aside an hour or so every couple of days to work on the program. After completing the first section, exam week for my university’s classes was nearing. I took a break from Business Essentials while I took my exams and spent the next few weeks traveling some of the east coast of Australia.

After returning to the states, reality set in very fast. With only about a month of summer left, I jumped back into working 10 hours, 4 days a week as a nanny. Every free day in between was used to hunt down furniture for the house I was about to move into and taking trips to see family and friends I had not seen in over half a year. I was grateful for the flexibility of the Business Essentials program. While I am sure that I could have put off or shortened some of my visits to see everyone, it was nice to not feel the pressure to need to. I wouldn’t have expected an online business certificate program to have such a flexible schedule. I knew with my junior year of college quickly approaching, I would not be able to see some family until Christmas if I did not make time for it this past summer. My nannying job ended, I got settled into my new house and then spent the next few weeks of free time before classes started working on the Business Essential program.

By Emily Davis Chalk (UNC ’16)