UBE: The skills you’ll learn

Devin Walker (UNC '15)

Devin Walker (UNC ’15)

A single experience can make you a more competitive candidate in the job or internship market. While searching for an internship, I mentioned in several interviews that I planned on pursuing the UNC Business Essentials online business certificate in the evenings throughout the summer.

Interviewers were immediately interested. What kind of course is this? What will you learn? How do you think you’ll be able to apply this to what you’ll be doing?

Even before I’d gone through the course, it offered a new forum of conversation to show that I understood the needs of the organizations I was interviewing with, the requirements of the positions and my previous background in the topics of the course.

While anything that adds to your understanding of business is useful to your professional life, here are some ways in which the topics covered in the UBE program can be useful for any position:


Understanding how to position a product or service for sale is critical to the success of an organization. Marketing helps you understand how to direct all business operations towards incorporating your product or service. Customer service, human resources and internal operations all benefit from focusing on offering marketable products and encouraging employees to maintain a competitive and focused orientation as they’re working.


Understanding how businesses function doesn’t just help you make more strategic decisions for the organizations – it also provides you with better insight into management. You’ll be able to understand and see some of the dynamics that management needs to balance, giving you a better understanding of the organization’s leadership and how to support the company’s management needs.


Even the best communicators have to understand how to adapt their style to match an organization’s culture, as well as meet the expectations of outside of them. Learning about communication isn’t just about technique, but also noticing where styles vary and how to create those styles. Understanding these different styles will allow you to communicate in an increasingly diverse business context.

By Devin Walker

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