Who’s excited for Google Fiber? This guy.

Google FiberThe rumors are true, and I am beyond insanely excited about Google Fiber coming to the Triangle. Here’s why:

  1. Personally, as a cord cutter, Google Fiber provides me with the best possible connectivity to stream programming from HBO (as they go independent and for à la carte streaming), ESPN (when they go à la carte) and my ever-trusted Netflix. No longer will I have to sit through patchy bandwidth impacting the quality of signal! Maybe now I will invest in that 4K TV – assuming 4K content will become more of a reality for streaming.
  1. As a researcher, I will get to see new applications – designed by local businesses – emerge that capitalize on the new, seemingly unconstrained bandwidth. At its best, Google Fiber will give rise to new businesses that capitalize on the Fiber bandwidth. This ecosystem of new bandwidth-hungry businesses is sure to create a growth spurt in our area.
  1. Existing businesses in our community also will benefit from Google Fiber. Working remotely or from home, which is part of the corporate culture for many of our local companies, will be more effective with the higher bandwidth Fiber brings. And access to richer content and connectivity between employees will not only make work more efficient, but also more effective.
  1. We live in an area with several great hospitals, medical schools and thriving healthcare businesses. Google Fiber will finally make remote medical diagnostics and medical services a possibility in our community. Maybe we won’t have to wait to be seen at the doctor’s office when we’re sick. Even if this wishful thinking doesn’t come true immediately, I can only imagine how the high bandwidth will enable knowledge sharing amongst the medical institutions in our area!
  1. As a teacher and a parent of young kids, the potential impact Google Fiber will have on education – being able to deliver and access high-resolution, multimedia content – is the most exciting.

So, come on Google – give us that bandwidth!